OK people, as you know, i like to write stories. Most of them are not finished or are half finished but i thought of a new idea a scrapped that project. (but i put them up so you can enjoy the shit i write :P)
So I have a theme to most of my stories. Some f-ed up guy falls for a girl with way to much baggage (or the other way around. either way they're retarded) some conflict or multiple issues arise, but love prevails!

So i have theme songs for each romance.

Shades of Darkness: 
Leo and Casey: I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab For Cutie
Emma and Shay: Weeping Willow- The Hush Sound

Blood Bound: A Werewolf Love Story:
Levana and Jett: Winter Song- Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson 
Liv and Seth: Red Wine: The Hush Sound

My Siren's Call:
Darcy and Caleb: The Cave-Mumford and Sons

The Prince and His Butterfly: No clue yet!!!!
Reed and Beckett:
Amy and Kage:
Rory and Mirabella:

Vaults of Armagon 
Chase and Alexis: Lovesong- The Cure or You Are the Moon- The Hush Sound or Wonderland -Natalia Kills (Don't judge me, they're a difficult couple....and my favorite(: Comment and tell me ur favorite song)

Twisted: This is my based on Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet: Cath...- Death Cab For Cutie 
Frankie and Abe: I Just Can't Get Enough-The Black Eyed Peas


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Description: Casey and her siblings, along with their aunt, are on the run. Pursued since their parents deaths 6 years before, The Dougals must use whatever tools they have to escape. Like Emma's mind reading, Rance's shielding, Tanny's diamond hard skin, and C...

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