I'm like a fish out of water these days... seriously @___@  I'm now inactive cause of school :<  But I go on once in a while!
      WELCOME TO MY PROFILE PAAAAAAAAGE!! :D  *tosses confetti* x)
      Just so you know, that ninja that's on my profile pic IS me! :D  I train starting from dawn until sunset!  It's tough, true, but it totally pays off~
      I'm an otaku (manga geek), and I love to read science blogs and funny romances ^-^
      I don't know what to say.... Uh... Nice to meet you! :D
      About me, about me...  I'm crazy, I'm wacky and random, I'm energetic at times, and pessimistic the next second, and I... I contradict myself very often. :P  I have incredibly horrible memory, which is the number one reason why I'm so random at times.  :D  I welcome everyone who is averagely nice; I really like making new friends ^0^;
      My favorite song at the moment is...  King the Kid's Thrift Shop cover ;P
      Anyway... I suck at drawing, I suck at writing, but I'm good at reading! ><" Well, not really o__~"  But recently, my newfound passion for art has been consuming my time! X)  I've been reading way too much manga lately ;D
      Contact info: elitebeatagentx@gmail.com; feel free to ask me for my FB if you can't find me.
      WP Family ♥:
      ~LiveNLaughAllDay <blonde-twin>
      ~WheeItsMiyuOhayaa <twin!!>
      ~thestoryofus123 <awesome-est friend around lolz!>
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                  .·´ E  .·´¨)
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      Isn't that ↑ super pretty? :)
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12Anne16 posted a message to rockmysocks
YES I still use that email - I shall reply to you ASAP. ^ Am finishing off replies on Wattpad and getting back to work. T-T
12Anne16 posted a message to rockmysocks
^ New message.  Thanks to Wattpad glitches I wasn't able to send this to you yesterday. <.<
      ... Yup that's pretty bad. 
      It's the one where if you know (x-a)(x-b)=0, then at least one of the factors "x-a" and "x-b" must equal to 0. Does that ring a bell?
      O-O Heh first year of college? What are you majoring in? [ Also correct me on any terms I'm not using correctly regarding the education system because I'm still in high school and all. ]
      It's fun? :D To be honest I'm a bit worried about getting into uni because apparently we'd be in lectures with thousands of people in the same course and you rarely ever see the same person twice. D: So yeah.
      [ Tell me more about college life if you please; I'm genuinely curious. ]
      Today is the second official day of school. *yawns* I'm sleep deprived already and there's a ton of work waiting to be done. T-T Shall get to that now~
12Anne16 posted a message to rockmysocks
I'm starting a new message so I don't get confused. xD
      Three accidents in one week... It really isn't your week Selena. Nope.  What happened though is there something wrong with your bike?
LOLOL what's the point of celebrating new year's day anyhoo?humans are weird :p and for bday presents I started making canvas decor with ppls favorite animation characters hehe :D hopefully I won't lazy out of it x)
12Anne16 posted a message to rockmysocks
      [ Also I remembered that I searched up LA's time zone and then forgot about it? xDDDD ]
      HAVE A WONDERFUL 2015.