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I'm like a fish out of water these days... seriously @___@  I'm now inactive cause of school :<  But I go on once in a while!
WELCOME TO MY PROFILE PAAAAAAAAGE!! :D  *tosses confetti* x)

Just so you know, that ninja that's on my profile pic IS me! :D  I train starting from dawn until sunset!  It's tough, true, but it totally pays off~

I'm an otaku (manga geek), and I love to read science blogs and funny romances ^-^

I don't know what to say.... Uh... Nice to meet you! :D

About me, about me...  I'm crazy, I'm wacky and random, I'm energetic at times, and pessimistic the next second, and I... I contradict myself very often. :P  I have incredibly horrible memory, which is the number one reason why I'm so random at times.  :D  I welcome everyone who is averagely nice; I really like making new friends ^0^;

My favorite song at the moment is...  King the Kid's Thrift Shop cover ;P

Anyway... I suck at drawing, I suck at writing, but I'm good at reading! ><" Well, not really o__~"  But recently, my newfound passion for art has been consuming my time! X)  I've been reading way too much manga lately ;D

Contact info:; feel free to ask me for my FB if you can't find me.

WP Family ♥:
~LiveNLaughAllDay <blonde-twin>
~WheeItsMiyuOhayaa <twin!!>
~thestoryofus123 <awesome-est friend around lolz!>
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            .·´ E  .·´¨)
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                (¸¸.·´  .·´  
                       .·´M .·´¨)
                    (¸¸.·´  .·´  

Isn't that ↑ super pretty? :)


Selena's Randomness

Selena's Randomness

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Random everything. Makes you think I'm stupid. So make yourself feel smarter than the average insane, or just come and join the crew of overimaginatively crazy people! :) Stories I can't write, but I sure can be random! See for yourself. :)
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