Hey everyone! This is @Rialise and @RAiiNcloud here! We made this joint accout for the story that we are working on together. It's called Double Take and we hope that you take a look at it. 
      Hi there! I'm Ria. 
      I'm a creativity addict. By that I mean, I'm drawn to anything that really flaunts the creative side of the brain. I have two main stories that I'm working on at my main account "Close to a Diary" and "Sleeping Positions". 
      I'm from California. 
      I love hippies. I love the counter culture movement. That's probably my favorite part in U.S. History.
      Hey! I'm Rain ^_^ 
      I love to write, especially fan fics because it lets you live in a pretend world about yourself that's way cooler, ha.
      I'm addicted to books, I have a serious book addiction but I'm really picky about what I read. 
      I'm from Canada. 
      & I'm a pretend modren day hippie, no drugs.
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Description: Asia and Alaska Reese are twins, but their personalities couldn't be anymore different; however, what sets them apart may help them survive in the world. In the big city they live in, a stream of murders and robberies erupted. The police don't have...

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