Well, I am a new writer/ totally avid reader that adores books. Like, on a marrying level. Just kidding. that's not legal. But I do love them alot. I still live at home, so that gives you my age range since I am sooooo not going into detail about my age or adress other than that. (gives creepers and internet stalkers the evil eye) I so do not want some creep tracking me down and murdering me in my sleep. that would totally suck. 

I like to swim and am a very good student at school. besides my math grade. But who cares about algebra? Anyway I have three adorable dogs that have no idea what personal space is, a sister that I would rather not mention, and two totally kick-butt parents. Oh! And my rapidly reproducing fish! 

My favorite color is blue, but I truthfully love anything really colorful. My favorite food is mac n' cheese (MAC N' CHEESE YESSSSSSSSSS) *clears throat* sorry you had to see that. I'm pretty sure that's all I have to tell you so ttfn and ttyl!
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