I will marry this man: http://24.media.tumblr.com/da6520a64b4e228379f9d9a9ab16c316/tumblr_ms4nnilUcL1st6qvho2_r1_500.jpg

this is a nice thing:

this boy got me so in love:

this one too:

I'm Bethany and I'm 21 and I love writing. Some things make me panic. I pay attention to detail. I do bad things after midnight. I can also be very random at times.

Some things I like:
- giraffes
- Spiderman (I'm in love with him)
- anything mango flavored. yum!
- music
- white lions
- owls

My favorite bands/artists:
*Avenged Sevenfold
Asking Alexandria
Hollywood Undead
New Medicine
The Neighbourhood
Kendrick Lamar
and tons of others!

Mac Miller is everything.
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Some Things Start With Fire (boyxboy)

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Nathan knows he's bi. Jason says he's not gay. Eventually things start to heat up.

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The Little Mistakes (boyxboy)

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ebonycricket posted a message to rhiyseypie
OMG I love your story "The Little Mistakes"!! it was sooo good!! please can you add a little more to it lol?!? just a little prologue to let us see how they are doing together?? if you have the time, please think about it.. pretty please lol :)!! sorry so pushy about it :(! 
ooh I love your other stories too by the way lol :). thank you for sharing them!
This comment may be offensive.
There are really serious issues going on in the world right now. GET EDUCATED. STAND UP FOR SOMETHING. GET INVOLVED. DO NOT be ignorant to reality. DO SOMETHING.
right now there are so many more important things happening than me updating a silly chapter, okay? I'm sorry if y'all are disappointed about there not being an update but that shouldn't even be on anybody's radar right now when the shit that's happening right now is happening.
everybody stay safe and be smart and do not stay silent or ignore the truth. sending love to every one of you xoxoxo
I just finished same mistakes and defining amaranthine, they were amazing, I loved them both.I fell in love with parks and I think it would be awesome if you made a story about him.it just an idea but I think it would be awesome.

All I had said that could have been a give-away was that they both played lacrosse, but that could have been anybody. Hell, we have three lacrosse-playing high schools on the peninsula alone. So her...
lol did you look at the map? the region in California where this is actually is a peninsula. it's cool tho.
adaab1 posted a message to rhiyseypie
you are seriously the most amazing writer ever....LYL has freaking 90 thousand reads!!! ugh i absolutely must learn what happens next, I still have hope for dante and harley!!! bad boys can be redeemed!!!!!!!!

LOVE your work!!!