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Let me tell you a bit about myself.

The type of girl who.....

'Would' bug her trusted friends about her stories, telling them new ideas, asking if they're good and stuff like that. 
Dreams of becoming a famous novelist someday. You know what they say, 'dream big' lol
Loves reading books, listening to music, and watching shows/movies... Which eventually leads to me daydreaming. Srsly.

Not fond of copycats/unoriginal stuff, rude and ultra pushy people.

Approves of creative works which are most likely to have a fascinating plot, good word choices, and original characters.

The tales I think of are purely out of the bits of imagination floating around my head, they may be influenced by some novels/movies/songs.. but I assure you they turn out completely different. I add my own touch to things anyway! ;)

Follow me?


Add me up and introduce yourself! :)
Hope we can all be good friends!

My Stories here on Wattpad:

1. The Bright Side

2. When The Stars Twinkle

3. Being The Wing Girl

4. Got You Bad

My stories are all currently on hiatus due to my incredibly busy college life. Please bear with me :)


Got You Bad

Got You Bad

5 parts / 13 pages, updated Jan 13, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
Ako si Rory. From Australia, pinabalik ako sa Pilipinas ng family ko. Everyone considers me exiled, kasi isa daw akong disgrace para sa kanilang lahat. Pero mabuti naman at na... read more
856 reads votes 16 comments 15
Being The Wing Girl

Being The Wing Girl

4 parts / 14 pages, updated Apr 27, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Four beautiful girls are the best of friends. The first is the queen bee material. The second is the life of the party. The third is the rational one. and the fourth? .... read more
2,074 reads votes 78 comments 84
When The Stars Twinkle

When The Stars Twinkle

4 parts / 13 pages, updated May 24, 2011PG-13VideoPictures
He had stepped away from the dark side.. and was now sitting on a bar's rooftop. He never prolonged any type of relationship with anyone.. No permanent home. He had... read more
2,630 reads votes 61 comments 59
The Bright Side

The Bright Side

3 parts / 7 pages, updated May 14, 2011PGVideoPictures
People change. Things change. Everything changes. The only thing that doesn't change is.. change itself. And probably those that are just purely what they are and canno... read more
921 reads votes 38 comments 34

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The Way He's Not
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@elsaint Haha welcome gee! nako half-baked pa nga to nung inupload ko. Inedit ko nga ulit ng onte eh. :) Thanks gee! ♥
Got You Bad

@iwrotethat Heeey! Sige po. It will be a pleasure of mine! Thank you for reading, nakakatuwa po yung comment mo!
Being The Wing Girl

@waterhemlock Thank you! That's what I aim for, na makuha yung essence ng mga magbebestfriend. Haha. Thank you again!
Being The Wing Girl

@waterhemlock Thaaanks!! :) Hope you can tell me what you think of the next chapter!
Being The Wing Girl

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