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Name rebecca
Location on mars
Birthday Feb 04
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yo my names Becca and i thought i would put something bout my self

Okay theres this group called the straight no chaseres they are awesome and funny
Fave color: RED ALL THE WAYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fave song : That ain't classy by Classified
Fave words: epic and awestruck
Most used word: dude 
Most said phrase: Wass uuppppp!!
Most typed phrases: Lol, pce
Time well wasted: sitting in my room on my laptop and ipod
i can beat-box rap and sing 
Love the power rangers RED and BLACK all the way 
i love like all stories into the romance stuff i guess 
i love to play war video games 
i think Taylor Lautner and Justin Biber are hot but would most likely ignore them unless they started a convo ( like never going to happen)
well yup that''s like it if u have any q's fell free to ask them and i'm not lying about ignoring JB and Lautner i have a don't freak out about the star thing cuz like there still people and if i was them i would hate a crowd of peps every where i went so yup that's it 
i said i was on mars for a good reason i am trying to stop an inpending war between pirats ninjas and alian wish me luck 

║██║♫ Paste this on 
║██║♫ your page if♫ 
║ (O) ║ ♫you love♫ 
╚══╝♫ music♫

91% of girls would be dead if the Justin Bieber decided breathing wasn't cool. Put this on your profile if you are part of the 9% who would be cracking up! (i'm part of the 9%)


This Is Me

This Is Me

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Can You Fix Me

Can You Fix Me

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you just left :(

you just left :(

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Why? Why? Why?

Why? Why? Why?

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redranger's Reading Listin classhomeworklying games comp is gona die soonday offreading list yayfcsits getting lateyaya new new stuff

He Saved Me
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A Bride For The Asking -- (on hold)
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I Met Him in Jail.
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Their Paid Girl
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A Fishy Tale, The Sequel - Fanfiction for H2O Just Add WaterLove Beneath The Darklines(completed)In Her WingsUnexpected love.

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