Hi, umm I'm Katie and this is about me.
      -Straight but don't hate
      -I'm sporty...mostly Gymnastics and swimming and some surfing:)
      -I am totally British and proud to be 
      -I am going to join the Army as soon as I can(even though I want to fight on the front line, but can't)
      -Love reading
      -I love my cat!
      -I can't sing or draw to save my life
      Yeah that's about it...
      Books/Films I like:
      -Lord of the Rings              - War Horse
      -The Hobbit                        -Harry Potter
      -Les Miserables.                 - Percy Jackson
      People/Bands everyone should love:
      -Tom Daley               -Niall Horan
      -Orlando Bloom.       -Anne Hathaway 
      -Mumford and Sons. -The Rolling Stones
      Wattpad 'family':
      He is 'cool', so humour him. It helps make him happy:)
      Basically anyone I am a fan of is cool, and so you should fan them too!:)
      ╚══`.¸Tom Daley...and Fabs(ice lollies)
      █ 10% Crazy
      ██ 20% Cool...?
      ███ 30% Wattpader
      ████ 40% Haribo-Eater(Love Them!!)
      █████ 50% Diver
      ██████ 60% Loved
      ███████ 70% IN Love
      ████████ 80% Avenger
      █████████ 90% Tribute
      ██████████ 100% Surfer
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