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Location being a bullet necklace. Wat 'bout yu bro?
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HEY STALKER. YOOOHOO! Over here! Yeah, you. I know what you're thinking when you read my stories/story -- "WTF is this kid thinking about writing all these bullshit about LOVE, SEX, MAKING-OUT AND 'PASSION'" Well, excuse you darling but I know that I am a human being and I think that every person deserves to grow up. It doesn't matter what age you hold but you have to attend to what your heart feels like. If you love someone really hard, don't draw back your feelings and actions do what you gotta freaking do when you love them -- kiss them, tell them you love them, make them feel special; it doesn't matter where you are or what you do, because you're doing these things for LOVE. LOVE bitch.

Tell you what the good'ol glorious blogging site named 'TUMBLR' and my sister taught me, *sees porn, no reaction* because maturity is everywhere and you have to accept society for what it is now-a-days. Society will never be like fuckin Narnia because the devil has cursed it. Now we just have to ask God and pray. I'm NOT saying I am satanic, I AM NOT being to religious here -- I'M BEING REALISTIC. 

Welcome to reality, and let people do what they're fighting for, let them say what they want to say and do the things they want to do. 


Da-da-da-do-dah from,



The Love Game With Greyson Chance [ON HOLD]

The Love Game With Greyson Chance [ON HOLD]

19 parts / 65 pages, updated Aug 09, 2013PG-13
My name is Charlotte Holmes, and I'm playing with Greyson Michael Chance. What do you think happens to us at the end? Let's start the game.
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OMG ME TOO :(((((
Santa's Not Fat

OMG ME TOO :(((((
Santa's Not Fat

You guys should comment something on that other line i said 'did it hurt when you fell?' Can you guys like comment "did it hurt when you broke...
The Love Game With Greyson ...

I SHOULD TOTALLY CHANGE THIS. IT'S OVER USED AND BEING FROWNED UPON. IT'S VERY OLD, VERY 2008. :((((((((((( i can't believe i put this here i'm so...
The Love Game With Greyson ...

Omg. PLOT TWIST. Who could've known?! MAHAHAHAAHA
Santa's Not Fat