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Hey :-)
so the '' about me '' section 
 WATTPAD IS AMAZING . durr i wouldn't be on it other ways .he he
tell me some good books ( even yours ) i'll love to read it!
im a book nerd and not a cool one . a weird one :p i looove books . all day long . 
My favourite type of  book is horror and humour
I love chocolate . mmmmm.... okay stop drooling on my page
If you fanned and I haven't fanned back  ... Sorry 
black is one of my favourite colours . i know what your thinking - how dull of you and then some un-needed cursing . if thats the case GET OFF MY PAGE. 

I love :
 - Eminem - his new album OMG 
- Bastile
( main ones )
- So much more  , I cant put IT down in W0rDs. i haven't got one type that i like

║██║♫ Paste this on                                         
║██║♫ your page if♫       <- how appropriate hehe . little cleverclogs 0.0
║(O)║ ♫you love♫ 
╚══╝♫ music♫ 

so you read all this way that's some effort gurl or dude hum ?so how did i do ? 
FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER : sabaah ghalib 
FOLLOW ME ON INSTGRAM : sabaah ghalib ( follow both )

done , i think i did fine . i decided to change my profile . it's more like me now . which is good ... or is it * cue evil laugh * . i think i'm getting hyped up over writting . calm down ,BREATH !!! okay so now im going crazy just great * thumbs up * so now i decide to have a covo on my own page . real smooth sabaah , reeeal smooth.

OKAY ,OKAY . im ending it . follow me and all that . message me if you need to say something .to be honest i cant belive that i have nearly 150 follwers and A WHOLE chapters dedicated to ME . waaahhhh . i know compared to other people its not a lot but come on i havent even written a book. just wanna thank all of you.writting a book soon want do you want . TELL ME  

SO YEAH . NOW I HAVE TO END IT .... BYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    -
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