Hey!!! Not tellin u my name but u can call me Razzle like my friends do!! I'm a happy, bouncy, active, slim, lazy(sometimes) girl!

Favourite colour: blue.
Favourite food: chocolate-milk or white, chips, taytos, junk food.
Favourite song: lots!! There's too many to list
Favourite show: Naruto, avatar-the series not the movie, vampire diaries, bleach, grays anatomy.
Hobbies: horse riding, reading, football, boxing, watching anime, playing with my animals, playing my concertina, playing on the ds, writing, swimming.

I write for fun so my stories are just things i wish could actually happen. Well some of them are. Others just pop in to my head so i just write them down. I'm open to criticism so i can improve my stories so don't be afraid to tell me!! Also don't be afraid to ask me to read your stories!! Id love to!! Just message me and ill check them out!!!!

I love watching anime!!!! Mainly Naruto, bleach, hunter x hunter and avatar but if there's one that that you think is good just tell me its name and what its about and ill c if ill watch it!!

I love eating fatty foods but never gain weight.  Strange but i guess I've a fast metabolism. Also the amount of sports i do probably helps! I do football, boxing, horse riding and swimming. I'm quite lazy though. I hate exercise!! Strange isn't it that i do so many sports and i hate exercise? Ah well that's me!!

I am always reading and notice mistakes fairly easily so if anyone needs an editor don't b be afraid to ask!! Although i am new to this so ud have to tell me how!!

Anyway if uve read this far hopefully you're not a stalker.

C ya
R C.
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