Let me introduce my self,

I'm Shaniah and my goal is to corrupt your thoughts and imagination in wondrous ways.  I'm a character myself in a way. I'm bitchy,moody, lazy,awkward,crazy,scary,and slightly conceded in a way. I believe that everyone is a bit insane--some more than others. I adore the sweetest things in life, such as candy, certain boys,clothes,books,fruit,piercings,tattoos,cake, ect. I also hate the smallest things in life, bugs,certain people, menstrual cycles, ect.

I would appreciate if you liked my stories, but in truth,  I don't give a rats ass if you absolutely hate my stories with a burning passion. You have to get over yourself.

The stories I write Makeshift Chemistry [ a rewrite of Purple Blood]. I can't write as much as I want, but they will be marvelous in every possible way.

Carpe Diem.
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Makeshift Chemistry

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Description: Venus is no normal girl. At the age of 6 she is abused and learning to make her first kill. Her father was Russia's worst and best serial killer and psychologically unstable. He's conditioned her to believe love is a lie and show no mercy.Because fa...

Hey guys, I'm back! Since I started Purple Blood when I was 13 and can't find my notes for it, I shall be rewriting it under it's new title "Makeshift Chemistry" which shall be coming soon. The prologue will be up soon also and I will be removing Purple Blood by the end of today. There will be certain changes, longer chapters, less plot holes, but I will keep the things I liked. If you guys have any cover ideas please send them to: rainingplasticcups@gmail.com . AGAIN "MAKESHIFT CHEMISTRY" IS "PURPLE BLOOD" !!! Contact me if you need anything!

- Shaniah