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eadaoin_m posted a message to racingheart
Hey could you please post the billion dollar girl because I saw a the blurb and it looked amazing and  now I'm dying because it isn't here.
alignings posted a message to racingheart
The person place-holding this username should really start posting some stories because this account is quite popular. 
      Anyway, everyone saying that the original owner's account got hacked is wrong. She stole another woman's story and posted it as her own (there are actual complaints that the original author of The Billion Dollar Girl filed so that racingheart's account could get deleted for stealing her story). The reason why the username and book titles have been turned into numbers was because wattpad shut racingheart out of her account so that they could investigate the stories to see if they can find them online. She's still not going to be able to complete those stories however because:
      1. The original author stopped posting the book because she had her work stolen many times before and when RacingHeart did it and got famous for it, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. 
      2. What RacingHeart did is a crime and it's doubtful that Wattpad is just going to let a criminal come back and continue to be a criminal.
      3. They haven't found out if the rest of her stories are her's or not, so there's a good chance that her page and other stories will be deleted as well if they find anything. 
      You guys shouldn't want her to come back because she is a bad person. She stole another person's work and got famous off of it (there's even a news article that praises RacingHeart for writing it). As readers, you might not understand but many of us are also authors. We work hard on our stories and they should be our stories only, not being copy-and-pasted off of your blog and being read by millions without your permission. I find it real unsympathetic that you guys are upset that RacingHeart isn't coming back so you could finish TBDG when she was the reason the original author stopped writing it in the first place. 
      x taylor