In the time of perms and acid-wash jeans, Rachel was born of wishes and blood magic. She was raised in the countryside by Geminis, where sun and sulfur fed her imagination, and as she grew, so did her love of storytelling. And books. And caffeine. Then, one day, she discovered Wattpad, and the way she told and shared her stories changed forever. <3

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Description: After the deaths of her parents, and her sister’s “suicide” via possession, Viktoryia Price is itching to avenge her family, but she can't do it alone. With the help of an enigmatic bodyguard for hire, and a cheeky vamperic informer with ties...

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After the deaths of her parents, and her sister’s “suicide” via possession, Viktoryia Price is itc...

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The Wraith Witnesses Anthology

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A collection of haunting short stories that follow different characters and their experiences with the p...

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Shadowed Suspicions

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rachloves2write commented on One Shots - Heartbreak Zoe

As a reader, I liked that I wasn't told who Zoe was crying about, that it was left up to my imagination, and that any reader can interpret for themselves who it is they imagine. A heartbreak that anyone can relate to. And I think my favorite line would have to be, "...she smiled and thanked God for letting her experience love, even if it hadn't lasted forever"...I've had that thought myself before. It couldn't be more true. Great job, you should definitely post more :)