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Hi! My name, as written up there, is Jabez. And yup, it's pronounced as "Jey-bes" not "Jah-bez".

I'm a sophomore studying at a State University in the Philippines. I would love to write stories, but sadly I'm too lazy to do so. Actually, I already have some ideas for a few stories. But then again...I'm lazy.

Lately I've been crazy about Sherlock(The TV series), my iPad mini, The Walking Dead(who on Earth doesn't know this amazing show?) AND gummy bears, of course!

MOREOVER, I am a mad bookworm. So, if you've got a few good stories to recommend then feel free to write it down there in my Message Board and I can assure you that I'll check it out.
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I'll Protect You (Original Version)
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The Bachelor
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The Time Capsule
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Loving Seasons
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Hey! I'm a GAY! but please be MINE! ♥ [Completed]GIRLFRIEND FOR HIRE.

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HAHA andito pla toh xD last year pa eyy nice meggy! xD
One More Gift

Shemay!! kala ko nmn c Bryan yung nasaksak! MAMA nya pala!!! gulat ako dun ahh! o_____O at ang bubblegum xDD Nice to ate Yam! tnx po sa UD!
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HAHA I always knew it was Seth..just not quite sure it was him...he probably was the guy Jared noticed by the window when he & Leah argued ^___^...
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