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Hellooo people of Wattpad......

My name is Clara, and I am 13. I love dancing. A LOT. It's pretty much my life...I also love writing (obviously) but I don't want to be a full time writer. I'd do it in my spare time.

Urg I don't know what I can tell you... How about 20 facts?

1. I am Canadian.
2. I love purple. 
3. I go to Pure Rythum Dance Company.
4. I have a cat named Jenny.
5. My favorite colour is purple, but I love turquoise, too.
6. I have Anthropophobia, the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. And yes that is a real phobia.
7. I am afraid that you're a duck. 
8. I cannot sleep without the radio on.
9. My favourite 3 songs are "Summer Paradise" by Simple Plan, "For The Nights I Can't Remember" by Hedley, and "Fix You" by Coldplay. Check them out!!!! :D
10. I don't actually have Anthropophobia, but I am still afraid that you're a duck. ;)
11. I love scary stories, but I can't read them without having really bad nightmares. (I still read them anyway.) 
12. I have been in 4 plays, because my parents are both Actors and I love theatre. 
13: This is my favorite number.
14. I love swimming and have a pool in my backyard.
15. My favorite TV show is glee! Yeah I'm a gleek...
16. You can wish me happy birthday on 01/23. Yes, my real birthday is 0123.
17. I am currently a freshman in high school, and loving it! ;)
18. 2 interesting facts: I skipped a grade (grade 1), and I am left handed.
19. If I won the lottery, or just somehow got a large sum of money, I would buy a bunch of animals that won't be adopted from a pound, and keep them in a pet house that I would build. :)
20. My favorite place to be when I have nothing to do is my porch swing, and most of my stories will be written on it.

The character I based myself on in "The Ghost Who Played With Fire" is Cay. if you still want to know more about me (doubt it), read her description in chapter 1.

FYI I am working on a new story. I love the plot, and I hope you guys do too! Thanks :)




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3 guy’s and 4 girl’s lives are about to change when Cay’s old friend, Ashley, is just as horrible as before; but this time, when she’s dead.
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Post your story here and I will read it

Post your story here and I will read it

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@Babydoll101 Thank you! That means a lot; even though I don't want to be a full time author, I'd love to have a book published :)

@Skywhale thank you! You're my favourite fan, honestly. :)