Kayle is a thirteen-year-old bibliophile who speaks
fluent  sarcasm and fangirls over too many fictional 
characters. Her creativity seeks the random and settles in 
the corners of her notebooks. She is quite awkward and
is admittedly, not a very good conversationalist in person. Although her shy demeanor is an oxymoron to the world 
of words she keeps in her head.

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Description: « a Harry Potter [ Marauder's Era ] fanfiction » "There's nothing you can do. It can't be fixed. It's broken beyond repair. It's in a million little pieces." This story isn't of a boy who lived. Nor is it of a terribly powerful wizard who strive...

i am literally struggling with words right now. i have been staring at my keyboard for the past ten minutes and i still haven't processed the perfection of this story. i can't believe it. i don't even know where to begin. 

chesca, this is really well-written. jfc it's such a well-written piece that well-written doesn't even put enough justice to it. the words fit beautifully that you made it seem like it was reality. that's how amazing it is. 

this time two years ago, i read your first story and looking back at it now, you've definitely come a long way. and i am so fvcking proud of you, love. i am so happy for you. i can't wait for the next ones up in your sleeve. ilysm chesca !!!!! xo

ps. i'm sorry for the cheesiness and whatnot heh i got carried away lol and thank you for dedicating this chapter to me! it means a whole lot :)