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I'm a lover of freedom, fun, fame, and music. I am considered an outsider, but I really don't care, because I don't need to impress a lot of people. I just need to impress my mother and God, and that's basically it. I may seem different or write differently than other wattpad authors, but that's because I have different life experiences. If you have a problem with me or my stories DON"T READ THEM! Blank, point, period, adn end of story. Besides all of that, I love all of my fans and am really blessed to have them!


Underappreciated Gem Series:

The Stripper Alliance: May 21, 2012
The Stripper Allegiance: February 14, 2013
The Stripper Association: October 30, 2013

Twisted Love Series:

Death To Your Heart: August 27, 2012
Unforgiven: June 5, 2013
 @ThoughtsofAlice has won my cover contest, so I am promoting her on my page! She is amazingly talented and I hope that every single last one of my fans checks her out and fans her!


The Stripper Alliance

The Stripper Alliance

27 parts / 51 pages, updated May 29, 2012PG-13Video
Onyx is a stripper at the city's only plus sized club. One night she is stripping for a mysterious man and he comes with her backstage. Next day another stripper find... read more
153,247 reads votes 1,115 comments 167
The Crimson Cloaks

The Crimson Cloaks

6 parts / 16 pages, updated Mar 17, 2012PG-13
1,359 reads votes 24 comments 11
Death To Your Heart

Death To Your Heart

3 parts / 9 pages, updated Feb 16, 2012PG-13
Cameron left James homeless, heartbroken, and confused. Now Cameron wants James to drop his hard feelings and attempt to rekindle the flame that they once had. Only one... read more
158 reads votes 8 comments 1
High Stakes

High Stakes

7 parts / 16 pages, updated Jan 24, 2012PG-13
The stakes are high, but the cost of losing is even higher. It is the 60th Hunger Games. The age of eligibility has been lowered, and District 13 has been brought back. Celest... read more
1,415 reads votes 102 comments 83
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@badgalchyna I am so sorry! It will be continued. Usually, during summer break, I am on hiatus, because my brain doesn't function normally, but...
The Stripper Alliance

The mafia head I was sitting at home watching TV with my third wife, Viola Gotti. A young reporter appears on the screen. She was blabbering...
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Lol my name is puppycakes21, not puppyCUPcakes
Who killed Rose Hathen? ~ I...

@OrielEnjee Oh ok! The mafia head Name: Vinny Petrollini Age: 38 Appearance: Wears a lot of fancy clothing. Very muscular and tan. Personality:...
Who killed Rose Hathen? ~ I...

The Ex Mental Patient Name: Abigail Withers Age: 23 Appearance: She is medium-height. Her hair is long and black. She is pale and she wears dark...
Who killed Rose Hathen? ~ I...