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I have loved writing for many years and only a select few were allowed to read my stories but when I joined Wattpad I took a leap and couldn't have be happier!! My writing has come a long way and I owe thanks to each and everyone of my followers, friends, family, and everyone else who has read and commented on my stories letting me know where improvement is needed. I look at each read, comment, and vote as encouragement to keep doing what I love to do. 

I have a very busy home life which at times can hinder my writing. I am happily married and I have three beautiful pain in the butt kids, two boys and a little princess. They are my world and take up most of my time. I am a very easy going person I take the good with the bad knowing there has to be a balance. 

Besides my stories on this account I also write Fan Fiction which was my first writing passion turned guilty pleasure to check out those stories just head on over to @DreamWriter84.

A BIG shout out to my epic buddies on WP @WarriorWriter @Laurss @KaraRobinson

Check out the Fan Page for The Banished Wolf

CAN'T NEVER COULD WON'T NEVER WILL (words my grandpa embedded into my head many years ago Love you and miss you dearly)

Writing is my Passion, Dreaming fuels that Passion, Pardon me while I Dream BIG

Here's what's going on with my stories!!

Family Rivalry  {REWRITING}
Entangled Web of Secrets {In Progress}{Family Rivalry Rewrite}{Slow Updates}


Nightmare Come True {In Progress}{Slow Updates} 

Meca Humanoid: Embracing Humanity {In Progress}{Slow Updates}
Mecanoid: Embracing The Machine {Coming 2015}
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Meca Humanoid: Embracing Humanity

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Description: Valerie was left for dead after something caused the mall to collapse. She struggled to hold on to save her boys but nothing she did would unpin her from the heavy slabs of concrete that laid on her. She was given a second chance at life but she wou...

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Mecanoid: Embracing the Machine ***Coming Soon***

Mecanoid: Embracing the Machine ***Coming Soon***

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were transformed into a highly intelligent killing...

The Banished Wolf {COMPLETED}

The Banished Wolf {COMPLETED}

375K 6.7K 360

Have you ever felt like an outcast? A person who society has turned their back on? If so then you will...

Nightmare Come True

Nightmare Come True

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Have you ever dreamed of being a princess or an heir to an extremely wealthy kingdom? Most of us have bu...

Entangled Web of Secrets {Family Rivalry Rewrite}

Entangled Web of Secrets {Family Rivalry Rewrite}

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JaeLynn Thompson was told to stay away from the Bramley boys in fact she was forbidden to see them ever...

Guess who pulled thru and is almost completed with her NaNoWriMo entry this year yup that's right this girl haha I switched it up and switched stories and wow it was amazing how much I could write after I did that hahaha so excited!!
SO NaNo isn't going very good for me as usual life keeps throwing obstacle after obstacle in my way and making it harder and harder for me to get any writing done I am beyond discouraged now and just ready to throw the towel in but being the way I am I am still going to try and pull through and get this done I don't have much time but If i can utilize it the best I can then I think I can do it just have to try and stay positive so bear with me and throw any and all good vibes my way they are greatly appreciated!!! <3 Prue
Just added Chapter 4 of Meca Humanoid!! I hope you enjoy things are just getting started haha I plan on getting out a chapter or two tomorrow seeing as I need to get caught up on things with how far behind I am on where I need to be to complete NaNoWriMo
It really hasn't been my week!! I was off to a good start for NaNoWriMo but then woke up Monday morning to my son having a flu bug yuck. Had him home all day then Tuesday I end up with the bug and my daughter is sent home from school sick as well so the past two days I have been deep cleaning this house No more sickness ugh lol I am hoping in between loads of laundry I can get some writing done and get caught back up to where I wanted to be by this far in the game LOL Hope everyone else is doing well!! <3 Prue
Chapter Two of Meca Humanoid is please take the time to check out my attempt at a sci fi romance haha let me know what you think so far!!