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Hey! people that don't know me!!!!

I love to dance. Its like a passion. I love to act it's like a hobbie. I love to read and write, it's like a pastime. I love to study anthropology! THAT'S MY CAREER. Or future. lol my hopes are to become a forensic anthropologist... and no, not because of the hit TV show called BONES. 

It's really how funny how people think that you chose a career just because it was cool on TV. One thing you all need to know. TV ISN'T REAL!! Most of those shows are drama and it is fun to watch doesn't mean its going to be so cool in real life. Like for example: a man tells his best friend that he's in love with her and she's in love with his brother... that maybe pretty interesting in the show, but it's pretty messed up in real life.


we are the fallen
within temptation
evanescence (AMY LEE IS MY IDOL!!)
Opera (Not the TV show woman thingy)
Bullet for my valentine (Mat Tuck is yummy lol)
Black veil brides

..................................................................EVERY AVENUE & FALLING IN REVERSE...............................


The Secret Room

The Secret Room

20 parts / 39 pages, updated Apr 14, 2014PG-13Video
"I smile. I smile full of brightness. I watch as everyone stares at my beauty in wonder and awe. I hold my head high, knowing I am the one.I hold this man's hand and ... read more
9,146 reads votes 181 comments 42
I'm Not Sorry

I'm Not Sorry

9 parts / 18 pages, updated Jan 28, 2014R
My name is Aphrodite. My dad named me after her because he said I was as beautiful as the goddess herself. When he died I was broken. My mother didn't even cry. That was b... read more
1,429 reads votes 34 comments 23
Discovering the Mob

Discovering the Mob

10 parts / 22 pages, updated Jan 26, 2014PG-13Video
Helena Vasiliev, is twenty two, she loves to dance, it’s her passion. The music and beats take her away from a world where she was forced to kill innocent people. Her f... read more
3,695 reads votes 101 comments 23


1 page, updated Jan 24, 2013PG
What if you somehow lost your memory? How would you react if you discover that you’re a creation that is cursed? There’s always that one secret that can make you or break you.... read more
28 reads votes 0 comments 0
Twisting You Fate

Twisting You Fate

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Dec 03, 2012PG
Gem and Ryder have fought through thick and thin to be together. Will it be worth it if she's dead and he's the only one who can still sense her? A werewolf/ witch love that challeneges everything when the answer is right in front of them.
117 reads votes 2 comments 1
The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond

7 parts / 23 pages, updated Nov 29, 2012PG-13
After for so long Cynthia Pastello has been searching for herself, a past hidden away. When she finally reaches the answer from handsome guardian Erik De Castello, and ... read more
127 reads votes 2 comments 2
Awake the Dead

Awake the Dead

28 parts / 66 pages, updated Nov 22, 2012PG-13
Charlotte is a waitress working two jobs to maintain a household for two. She meets a man that lends off as dangerous. Every time she turns around he's there like a forbidde... read more
4,021 reads votes 89 comments 73
!'m a RoCk StAr

!'m a RoCk StAr

19 parts / 43 pages, updated Nov 21, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
April is a smart, talent, outgoing, high school student. No one knows she's one of the worlds most famous rockstars. With her best friends at her side they go to school li... read more
17,451 reads votes 157 comments 111
Never Forgetting

Never Forgetting

7 pages, updated Nov 12, 2012PG-13Completed
A young girl lost her brother in an accident. She tells her side of the story throughout a series of poems and lyrics as a therapeutic treatment. Grief isn't an easy pro... read more
48 reads votes 1 comments 5
Tears of Awakening

Tears of Awakening

5 parts / 12 pages, updated Feb 02, 2012PG-13Video
----squeal to No More Tears...Julian-------------Alyssa Pike's return in her sister’s body stirs up trouble. She doesn't have a need to kill Julian, he love, as her sist... read more
274 reads votes 11 comments 5
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Thank you all for reading this. The reason I uploaded late was because I got stuck on this chapter so much is going to happen that I need it to...
The Secret Room

The book is great. It really is so upload soon please
The Deal Breaker (Book II)

I think Matthew should make a move on her already he obviously likes her but she still likes david. she want normality that Matthew can't give her...
The Deal Breaker (Book II)

Thank you @likiwi @faloray
The Secret Room

Just the fact that she is willing to do that knowing that xaiver hated Liam is a big betrayal to his memory. she can't just sleep with someone...
The Creation (Book III)

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