Name Zachary
Location Alberta
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I'm Zachary, with a c and an h, not a k or just a c.
I don't have a favorite colour, sorry.
I live in Canada and I have for my whole life.
Don't bitch about how Canada is too cold or Canadians are stupid, we aren't.
I'm nerdy and I fucking love it. Sorry if you like street cred and a thousand tattoos.
Just because I'm nerdy doesn't mean I can't hold my own.
I'm straight but I'm not scared of gays or anything.
I've played just about every general sport out there, hockey, lacrosse, horseback riding, archery,ect.
I have a job which takes up most of my time.
I'm single, but sorry I'm no pringle, and I'm not a fan of being stacked in a can.
That's really it i guess.

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