Hello everybody!! I"m a twenty one year old who has been to hell and back. I have suffered pain and sorrow. I have felt some of the deepest losses. Though I am battling depression. I have survive two suicide attempts and pulled myself away from drugs. I did it alone in secret for almost htree years. My goal in life is to one day become a succesful writer. I want to show people and especially teenagers that even if you are being bullied or harrased or even if you have some severe emotional battles within. You can win. you can make it through anything, The scars I have are not a reminder of how bad life was. They are a reminder that I am a survivor. They remind me that I must I stay in the fight to show my son that ven the strongest of people break but it doesn"t need to get to the point of where it was. I lost friends and my father due to depression. Each one of them killed themselves because they thought in there mind thatin reality there was no hope. But I ensure you all that I am living proof that there is. I hope you all enjoy my boks. My first one is a true story of how I arrived at where I am today. If I do anything I hope that I make a difference in someones life. My biggest influence in life has been God. Because there have been times where I know I should have died, but I am still here and ever so thankful that he gave me a second chance.
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a visit from heaven

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Better Place

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a poem i wrote for my daddy who killed himself in 2010 rest in peace dad

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