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In all honest, I don't know what to write. Maybe, that is because I don't know who I am yet.

I'm young. People say that your only young once, and to make the most of it. While most teenagers don't get that I do. And I intend to make sure I live life while i can, and to make mistakes, and fall in love with the wrong person because I know that one day I will fall in love with the right person.

I'm gonna not regret things because at that time it was exactly what I wanted, or needed. I'm gonna meet people who will help me without me even realizing it until 5, years 10 years, 15 years later!

But one day I will look back at my life, and realize that every person I met helped me. One day I will tell my kids who will tell their kids and their kids about me, and my life. And I will not look back at life with one single regret.
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