Status: So I just did my blog, and I am so excited. It's nothing big just a blog about what I've read or am reading. Just some insides on books. (2 years ago)


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See that was so cute! I love Quinn, he so sneaky. Lol!
Run With Me (BoyxBoy)

Very good, I like it very much. I'm straight, and even I can and have identified myself with some of these labels. It's always good to find out...
The LGBT Magazine [March 2012]

Good start, I like it. Like you said cliche but in a good way. And the age difference is different, you usually see it and they're around the same...
My Brother's Best Friend - ...

No!!! I dont want it to end. Im sad but happy at the same time. I loved the ending it was awesome.
Cats and Dogs - LGBT

I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cats and Dogs - LGBT