Love to read <3 :) 
And im 99.9% sure i wont write a story here on wattpad, so u dont have to fan me cuz i fanned you :)

I love to read stories with action, with some comedy, and a bit of romance. But the straight forward ones, not "i love my best friends boyfriend, tons of drama and bitch fights, and then my best friend ends up with my brother happily ever after the end"

I wish in stories when the girls stares at 
the guys with the sexy abs, and he 
notices and says 'like what you see?' the girl should reply with 'yep' while popping the 'p'. Or when the guys says 'take a picture, it lasts longer', the girl should pull out her phone and take a picture :).
Pretty much a blunt lead character. Maybe even a bit weird. Also, if the girl is physically strong, that is a plus for me.
Music, hmm, I listen to mostly anything. But I am more into post-hardcore.
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