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Not really here to write, infact im not very good at it :/ but i LOVE to read!!! So with that said, if you have any awesome stories for me, hopefully completed ones, please feel free to recommend!! X) Especially BoyxBoy stories ;)
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Awww!! I absolutely LOVED this!! X)
One Shots 3.0

@MaddyRawr10 Hahaha as long as there's Internet I'm a happy camper ^_^ He hates it? Why's that?
~*Elsewhere*~ [boyxboy]

I liked this chapter, very good :)
Love Has No Ending (Book 2)

@MaddyRawr10 No, actually it's the Navy. Not as bad as the Army, but still pretty tough :/ 2 MONTHS no wattpad, I think that's what will kill me...
~*Elsewhere*~ [boyxboy]

Thank you SO much for dedication! I'm going to bootcamp today and that just made my day! I am really nervous so thank you! On another note...
~*Elsewhere*~ [boyxboy]