My friends will swear its a prank if they're told that i'm addicted to Wattpad.  My life is on overdrive most days.  Okay, everyday.  I started reading as a stress management tool and believe me it's been working.  

I'm from the Caribbean..Trinidad and Tobago to be exact.  I have two kids a boy and a girl and an amazing and gorgeous husband.  

I'm trying to get my courage up to start writing but purely for fun.  

I'm really loving these gifted writers in here and I must say they keep us all entertained.  Big SHOUT OUT to you guys and gals.
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Rafe does not deserve to be  with Dava.  He's a piss poor excuse for an alpha. because of him the pack was unprepared for a rogue attack.  there's no honor in him. it would be like getting the town sleaze for a mate and she dosent deserve that.