May not be that super-model-skinny girl, May not be that Preppy-Cheer girl, May not be that Give-It-Up girl, May not be that Beach-Tan babe, But I am that Heart-of-gold girl, that Love-forever girl, that out-of-the-box girl, that get-down-with-the-guys girl, and that tom-boy girl. I don't need to be 5'9 and anorexic to be beautiful, I don't need to to be the most popular girl to be liked and I don't need to put out to get a guy to notice me. ♥ I am better off being me and not being influenced to be anything different.
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The Opposed Arrangement

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Description: As Olivia embarks into her new adventure at college and apartment life with her three best friends, she runs into a guy named Callum and her world turns upside down. Olivia is now faced with difficult decisions that could change her life forever. Wi...

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So I just read what you have on your page. And it broke my heart, I am literally crying right now. I hope you realize that you are beautiful no matter what, and that nobody should ever put you down. I don't know you in real life, but I know that you are strong and doesn’t give a shit what the haters say. All of us love you very much :)

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“I don’t want to erase the past,” I declined, causing Brett to look at me with an expression of surprise. “If we can’t forgive our past mistakes, then who can? I want us to not forgive and forget, bu...
Yes, forgive and learn is the best way to do it!