I've learned that you can go on long after you think you can't. 

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." - Robert Frost

Hello! My name's Michelle.
I live in Chicago, Illinois.

I'm a sixteen year old girl who lives out her dream of writing on Wattpad, while also working as a full-time high school sophomore in the state of Illinois. Although I do have a niche for writing stories, I am looking to pursue a career in the Child Development field in college.

I have about thirty celebrity husbands. Shout out to all of them stuck in my closet. Dinner's at five boys!

I must thank ALL of my current 14k+ fans who have supported me and my work over this past year or so. When I first started joining wattpad, I never thought my stories would get to over 100 reads, let alone a million or two. I owe all my success to you guys. I couldn't have done it without you. ♥

-Watty Awards 2012: He Wasn't A Jerk Online won in Undiscovered Gems under the fan fiction category.
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He Wasn't a Jerk In The End (He Wasn't a Jerk #4) REVISED

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Description: *Fourth and FINAL book in the HWAJ series* Louis Tomlinson, now twenty-six, has become a self-centered billionaire five years later after they break up. By they, I mean One Direction and "Loria". Within the five years of Victoria's absence, Louis...

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He Wasn't A Jerk Online (He Wasn't A Jerk #1) ✓

He Wasn't A Jerk Online (He Wasn't A Jerk #1) ✓

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***EDITING***[Winner in the 2012 Watty Awards]: - Read at your own risk. There are major grammar issues...

awk0brina posted a message to onedirectiion_
What you said literally opened my eyes about this whole thing. I didn't think I wanted to be in the fandom anymore but then I realised that this is also very tough on the others, so we need to keep it together for their sake. 
Hello wonderful fans. I know I haven't updated HWAJITE recently, but I've had a stressful month and now that I'm on spring break I'm ready to upload as many chapters as I can - please do not get anxious and think I've left again. 
      On another note, I'd like to address the whole "Zayn leaving One Direction" issue that's been in the media and I'm sure all of you have heard about it. At first, I was really heartbroken, devastated and confused. But as time has progressed and more and more articles are reporting that he's doing a "solo career" and was seen recording in a studio with Naughty Boy and things along those lines, his departure pisses me off.  It was an immature decision on his part, and I mean I love Zayn don't get me wrong, but he should have at least finished the tour. 
      If he "knew he wanted to leave for a while" he shouldn't have even started the tour, and left not even in the middle of it. Now people are protesting and saying they aren't going to support the rets of the boys because it's not the same without Zayn but in reality the boys need us right now. This is a terrible situation they have been put in and Zayn needed to suck it up and deal with being in One Direction for at least until October. He made a commitment and he took the easy way out and it absolutely pisses me off and I'm in a love/hate relationship with him right now. 
      As Zayn once said, "It's five of us, or none of us".