january. 19. dying college student. failed writer.
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Description: “It changes you Jonas. You think that you’re the human and they’re the monsters. It’s perfectly clear in your mind, but that all changes. That’s all different when you’re standing inches away from your best friend and your heart is pound...

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the girl who cried wolf|on hold

the girl who cried wolf|on hold

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“It was the coldest winter Crescent Falls had ever experienced. I remembered the way the cold seeped t...

be my hero

be my hero

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because everyone gets sad sometimes and because i like to think im a poet and sometimes i want to yell b...



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"She wrapped her arms around me, each kiss leaving the taste of salt against my skin. She rocked me, cra...

sorry to anyone who was reading anything that i had. i have deleted  agood chunk of my stores because they wee dead and going nowhere. 

i have kept gwcw because i think i can make it work, if i just review chapters.
im going to be fixing it up this coming week - do look out for that.

i also may be coming out with a new book. fingers crossed.
thank you to anyone who has stuck around with me thus far <3
@ombredelemort nooo omg don't say that! I've been reading your stuff and been your supporter from the very beginning, and I honestly believe you're a truly talented writer and you share awesome stories with us all, I mean they're seriously good quality! And I'm not saying that just because we're friends sweetie, I really mean it. If not, trust me I would've told you -as nicely as I could- already lol
Everything is so different 
There are so many good books 
I feel self conscious 

I want to come back 
But I don't feel I qualify