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Bound to You (Literally)Vanilla, Cream & Strawberries (R RATED)Protecting What's Mine (Book 3 of SBTE)

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I think its very well written and definitely not trashy at all. you're a wonderful writer. Can't wait to buy the book!
On The Couch [Editing for P...

If u can't take the heat get out of the kitchen but I sure can!!!
On The Couch [Editing for P...

@Misakimoon I totally agree!
On The Couch [Editing for P...

Lol I love Nina! She's smart! Guess you just need fresh eyes to point it out :-)
Brothers in love (boyxboy)

Awww poor Jim, sounds like he left cuz he wanted to b happy and not live they way the pack expected him to live, just guessing, cuz why would...
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