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Well as of right now my life couldn't be any worst nor any better, i'm currently living with my girlfriend.I no longer have a family or anyone to cry for except my girlfriend and my closes friends. I'm a happy Emo kid who gets compliments on my hair and my outfit wear.I'm mostly lazy at times, but I know how to have fun, whenever i get burst of energy or if its a full moon better watch out, specially girls I like to bite them on the neck.I don't know, but I like who I am to a extent but I know I can better myself. I'm 18 at the moment and things will sure to get better with the help of my love and my awesome best friend and my awesome sidekicks aka awesome friends. :) 

Things I don't like is people who are fake and think too highly of them self's, and if they do I will bring them down below my level.

A.C's are better then FANS by the way :D


Kisses Under The Moon.

Kisses Under The Moon.

1 page, updated Oct 04, 2011PG-13Pictures
A 2 sided story (Rated PG13 and R,include sex Scenes ) between me and my girlfriend KissedByTheMoon (sabrina). This is my point of View as the guy.My girlfriend will ... read more
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1 page, updated Sep 27, 2011G
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Are you proud?

Are you proud?

2 parts / 1 page, updated Sep 27, 2011G
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Kisses Under The Moon.
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@Emoawil16 thats funny
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@talonflightXIII yeah we know
Kisses Under The Moon.

@Emoawil16 omg and you said you were innocent wth you scared me for a sec lol and i would like to see your wild side :3
Kisses Under The Moon.

i like it so far
Taste of a Bleeding Edge

how does it make it worst? and we all have brains here >
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