What's up? 

    My username says it all. I am obsessed with a lot of random stuff. And randomness.

     Music and anime. I can't live without those. Literally. I would kill myself. Period.

      Some basic stuff about me. I'm female. I'm dirty minded. I'm emo. And yeah. 

      Well I don't really know what else to say. I'M BAND OBSESSED, ANIME OBSESSED, I LOVE PARAMORE, I HATE SCHOOL *babbles on and on and on* 

Wellllllllll yeah that's it. BYE!
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@pclaoditore64  Yes I know how to highlight. Thank you very much for answering my questions that the internet could not answer. You have made wattpad so much easier for me even though you only answered two of my questions. You are super awesome!
@obsessedwithrandom You're not a bother at all! To do bold or italics on the mobile app, you simply highlight the word or phrase you want boldfaced, then you should see a little box that appears above the word/phrase. From there, click the arrow until you see the option that allows you to do boldface, underline, or italics. Tap on that and choose whichever you need for the text: boldface, italics, or underline. ;) You know how to highlight (or select) words/phrases, right? If not, I can explain that, too. ^_^
@pclaoditore64  Thanks for answering my question! I also have one more question. Sorry if I'm a bother... But I use mobile wattpad and I have no idea how to do the bolded text. Do you know how to on wattpad "Create "
@obsessedwithrandom Votes are kind of like "likes" on facebook. If people really like your writing or your story in general, they will click the little star button to "vote" for it. The more votes you get, the more likely it will be featured in the Wattpad homepage. I personally just try to write for the fun of it and let the reads and votes speak for themselves. ;)