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my name is Katharine  i am 20 and i love reading that is the main thing i do. 

if you need someone to edit then i can do that.  If you want to be a fan you can and if you have any stories you would like me to read please tell me as long as there are not any student teacher romances

  .·´  D.·´¨)
 (¸¸.·´  .·´  
       .·´R  .·´¨)
      (¸¸.·´  .·´ 
            .·´ E  .·´¨)
           (¸¸.·´  .·´  
                 .·´A .·´¨)
                (¸¸.·´  .·´  
                       .·´M .·´¨)
                    (¸¸.·´  .·´  

Post this if you love to dream! :D
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i would love it if she was one of a kind that sounds like it would be awesome
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Ahhhhhhhh I need more :)
Love is Silent

I love this book sooo much I think this is my favorite book out of all the books I have read on here

i love it :) im from america
Love is Silent

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