About me you ask?
      Ah! What a change from the past!
      Cuz this world has barely any class.
      I like raindrops and morning dew.
      Why? I have no clue.
      Many dragons I have slew,
      with my bare hands, may I add too.
      I adore the color green.
      Though it might just be a phase of teens-
      Just as skinny jeans
      and the urge to be lean.
      I hate dresses.
      They're just messes.
      Maybe if the were red-ish,
      but that going off guesses.
      Chocolate, I can't stand
      "Why?!" You demand.
      It's hard to understand.
      Puppies I adore,
      I can't resist their allure.
      I have three, but want more.
      But, alas! I'm too poor.
      Lettuce is good.
      Eat it as a snack, I would,
      Just sneak it under my hood.
      So inconstant this is.
      But that's what makes me Liz.
      By the way:
      Roses are red. 
      Violets are blue.
      This really sucks,
      So it's going into the loo. 
      Yeah, I'm not a good poet.
      And yeah, I love AVPM and AVPS
      When do I update?
      Please don't hate,
      but I don't have certain dates.
      I wait until my ideas are great.
      This is my lame way of saying I don't know when I update. I can't force myself to write, but I tend to update most commonly on weekends about every two weeks.
      Please send banners or covers or any burning questions about my story to my Wattpad email: notpresent7@gmail.com.
      Don't you just hate it when you have to add random numbers to an email you want and then it just ruins the whole thing?
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Why haven't you updated PFS in nearly a year? Are you alright? I don't mind waiting but at least give us some sign that you're here...just something. I hope you're alright. 
Tropicalum8 posted a message to not_present
I think I'll die if you don't finish PFS. It's probably one of the best novels I've read on wattpad, and that's saying a lot considering I'm really picky. I hope you're okay and doing well, I know we all miss you. You're hilarious and an amazing writer! xx(: