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Hi Hello there 
i'M 15 
I can speak two languages fluently, English and tagalog. but I can speak basic Japanese and its a bit rusty. 
I play volleyball :)
my dream is to be a Veterinarian and go to Africa then publish a book
I hate losing though its fine to loose its just hard to move on if I do.
Oh I know its a bit late but my name is Norie! 
I am Alive
my skin is tanned because i was born that way, my hair sometimes white(weird I know), my eyes are black but if you look closely it's a very dark brown.
that's all, love yah!! Oh wait!
 @dbrodriguez- My Very CRUEL yet beautiful friend (she's going to kill me if she see's this) we go to the same school @secret_alien my most awesome friend, she didnt laugh when I was screaming my lungs out in a horror 4D ride well not that much X) @lyssapebsss15 the noisiest person you'll ever meet next to me:) A very good Friend and awesome Listener X) @JoyMarieGillera my intellectual best friend, hurt her you'll die and find yourself looking at your dead body as your soul flies away 

╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║ page if you ARE or support
╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ Emos.

Now That's really all! bye:))


2 Survive A School Of Delinquents

2 Survive A School Of Delinquents

5 parts / 12 pages, updated Jul 14, 2014PG-13
When Jone and Sara moved to a place where nobody in their family knows to run away from their beating father. without money and any support with other ... read more
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Love In Morphine

Love In Morphine

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Jana's Pack was invaded when she was five and she was kidnapped beaten molested and abused. but her pack was able to fight back and she was taken back but this time Jana... read more
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The Perfect Mate

The Perfect Mate

2 parts / 9 pages, updated Apr 29, 2014PG-13
Aita has a strong womb which the werewolves call "containers" and much needed due to declining population. she's invited to a ball where she met the 7 werewolf... read more
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My Overprotective Werewolf Stepbrother's Best Friend Is My Mate

My Overprotective Werewolf Stepbrother's Best Friend Is My Mate

20 parts / 45 pages, updated Apr 12, 2014PG-13
Nina has a stepbrother who have been keeping a secret from her, her whole family did. but when she changed schools and met her stepbrother... read more
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When I see You Again

When I see You Again

5 parts / 7 pages, updated Feb 03, 2014PG-13
Kiana's Body is unplugged with great despair...but after five years her whole family and friends sees her she was alive from the birthmark on her lips to the way she ... read more
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My Family is in the Mafia and they want to kill me, Their sister

My Family is in the Mafia and they want to kill me, Their sister

20 parts / 63 pages, updated Feb 01, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
Kiana has five brothers who are in the Mafia, some of her brothers wants her dead for one reason. they blame her for killing their mom a... read more
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The Girl Who Fell in Love With a Dragon

The Girl Who Fell in Love With a Dragon

5 parts / 15 pages, updated Oct 30, 2013PG-13
=There are people, then there are dragons, they are not the scaly reptiles you come to know them--actually they are the scaly reptiles that you kno... read more
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You're Killing me, Mate. (ON HOLD)

You're Killing me, Mate. (ON HOLD)

13 parts / 37 pages, updated Oct 06, 2013PG-13
Second Book of I'm Dying Mate>>> When you're rejected not because of your status or your appearance but because of who you are that's what like t... read more
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I'm Dying, Mate.

I'm Dying, Mate.

40 parts / 89 pages, updated Sep 28, 2013PG-13
--in Serious Editing it might have some extra chapters added so stay tune-- iona is dying in one year after 3 months she visited her uncle only to stay there permanently ... read more
584,670 reads votes 7,021 comments 634
Running From Destiny

Running From Destiny

4 parts / 15 pages, updated Aug 27, 2013PG-13
Masaya was a Demon Hunter, there is nothing she hates but demons and she was mighty good at it and was dangerous and feared by the demon kind. But Now that her sister... read more
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norieiswild's Reading ListLOVING ITNdi Taong-LoboHistoric FIC >:-)

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@Kay-KAylalala nope its definitely not XD english is my third or sort of fourth language
I'm Dying, Mate.

I'm not stereotyping asians...there are people who eats rice because they like it... besides why would i insult myself(I am asian too)
My Overprotective Werewolf ...

there's a second book already :))
My Family is in the Mafia a...

well that's one of the unanswered things in the story :)
My Family is in the Mafia a...

theres a second book!!
My Family is in the Mafia a...