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Whatever was posted before, doesn't count.
I was a mindless teenager. Nothing more.

I don't get on here a lot, but I plan for another book, probably about Norman Reedus or something else completely original. But I'm not that imaginative.

So message, vote, comment on anything that you deem acceptable. I'll appreciate it in any way c:
Follow me, and I'll follow you back :D

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Blood Soaked Arrows (On Hold)Son o' a Bitch! [Daryl Dixon]Meet Your MatchFrom the Past to the Future (Seto Kaiba)(No Second Book)

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Yeah, I can understand how it can be boring. But I thought that it had a lot of character development. Which can be really interesting. Am I...
Son o' a Bitch! [Daryl Dixon]

Yay, a great start! I can't wait to see how Daryl and Harley get along on Hershal's farm. It's my favorite part in the whole series so far
Son o' a Bitch! [Daryl Dixon]

@UnderMySkin I plan to read all your stories. Defiantly the Daryl and McManus fanfiction at least. I'll be sure to vote and comment when I finish :D
Meet Your Match

I knew I was going to cry, I could feel it. This was so beautiful, so well written and just perfect. Congratulations, you should be proud of your...
Meet Your Match

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