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I'm a psycho who loves Chocolate Hershey Pie, cookie & cream ice-cream, anything green and Ryan Gosling. I love crazy people because we make the world go round. I'm not really a great writer but I have great ideas that I would love to bring to life.
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The mystery POV is definitely Alexis and I think the guy is Zach... It makes sense. Try Chace Crawford as Zach
Wanting My Stepbrother (on ...

This story is REALLY good!!!!!!!! Keep writing :-)
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I have been DYING for this chapter to come out. You have just made my day. Now I can start dying for the next chapter. This book is killing...
The Bad Boy's Girl

Really great start!!!!! Plz keep writing :-)
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OMG Beth!!! I'm so sad because shes sad. But on the bright side she has Travis :-D I KNEW IT!!!! I knew she was the mystery girl. Im so happy for...
The Bad Boy's Girl