I am the lingering echo of nothingness in the dark
I am the soft caress of sunlight in the morning
I am the whispers that dance in the wind
I am the ever present shadow that haunts your every move
I am the soft hum in the back of each song
I am a broken feather on a flightless bird

Or I'm just a teenage girl ;)
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A Wilting Rose in the Fray

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Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer

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Ariabella is the opposite stereotype rich bitch she could care less of the things her Italian parents go...



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NEXT STORY IDEA (let me know what you think?)

NEXT STORY IDEA (let me know what you think?)

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Literally what the tittle says leave a comment whether or not you want me to do this story xD

nightmaredoll1705 commented on Let Her Go

Hey xD I liked it a lot 
The only suggestion I might say is feel free to use a little imagery (only if you want to though) like instead of saying she was pale, you could compare her to a sheet of paper or something besides that it's very well written and interesting