Status: so im back...from the dead LOLOL jokes. um im sorry for not updating at all for an entire year T_T but I'll try to be more reliable :S (2 years ago)


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I'm just an ordinary girl, with an ordinary life, with an ordinary family.

-With big dreams-A weird personality~and a secret to keep (:

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@20kthousand HAHAHAHAHAAHHA omg sorry that was unexpected xD no problem!
Suicide Hotline: How may I ...

@RiaParris @Makylie okiess i promise the next one wont be third person (:
Suicide Hotline: How may I ...

@hopeless-twit09 LOL thank you and well i thought the whole cheating thing is a little cliche :P so i killed him muahahahhaa ;p
'Love' loves a broken heart

@sophia14 @raquel104 @hopeless-twit09 @blues18750 @SupernaturalFreak @pmd271995 @vsaps3315 thank you guys (:
'Love' loves a broken heart

@IWriteSins thankyou (:
Suicide Hotline: How may I ...