Hey guys, I've been on this site for a while know just reading, and finally I've decide to write my own story.  I've mostly been a poetry write,so this is going to be my first time writing a fictional story.  I'm 23, and just graduate with my bachelors degree in psychology this past May.  I'm actually starting on my masters this Sept. in Clinical    Psychology.  So I super excited about that!  My hobbies mainly include reading and writing whatever I can and whatever come to mind.  I love music.  But, good music like from the nineties and late eighties; I'm a R&B baby. I'm a mother figure, though I have no kids.  I always been the second parent with most of my friends.  I really can't think of anything else.  Oh, well I hope you guys enjoy my writing, because I enjoyed the reading the stories I've read so far.
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Description: Marcus Lucian was your average normal kid. He was little weaker than other wolves though he was the Aplha's son. He lived a mostly happy live in a content pack. That all changed when his pack was by some old pack member's trying to take over his...

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