em juzt a ximple person wid a ROCK SENSE .!

      hahaha xD :D

                   my full name is about to abort SOMEDAY .!

     coz i don't lyk it ..

                          but u can call me as NiCKO .

    em 18 years of aqe .
    i was born in taquiq and now presently residinq at parañaque .
    my luckiest day is every 8th of january coz dats my DAY .!

              my favorite authors are :

           ► BOB ONG
           ► MITCH ALBOM
           ► CS LEWIS and

               i love their works .

     how about my rock lyf .?

    how can i said dat .? coz wen em listeninq any of hayley williams's hits, it'll made my day complete ..

        my fav.color are BLACK, RED, GREEN and LAVENDER :D
            other's call me PODE ..
      my former NSC co-members call me HYPERDEViL .

            and HE calls me BHOSZ .?
   hahaha . sounds lyk it'z so funny :D

                  sbe nam iba anu daw .. anu daw acu . MABAiT tpoz unq iba sbe aman hnde .!
  buxet cla .. tpox sa xobranq hiliq cu xa paqbabasa nam libro nhnap cu tonq WATTPAD .!

             cqe hanqqanq dto na lan .
  la na cu masasabe panq iba tunqkol sa sarili cu weh .. JUST BE GUD .!

                 hahaha .

 done -- **
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