Status: I have realised my stsaus has been the same for the past 8 months... lets shake it up a little.... Readings She's Broken by Lilo Horse (10 months ago)


Name Shazzy (Not short for Sharon or Shannon)
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My name is Sha... nickname is Shazza, shy, shy-shy but not short for Sharon or Shannon or anyhting like that... I'm a teenager in between the age of 14 and 18 but I don't really think my age is necessary

LIKES: JUSTIN BIEBER, IM5, Little Mix, Ariana Grande Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Doctor Who, waterloo road, CSI, NCIS and some other stuff.

DISLIKES: One Direction, The wanted and some other stuff

HOBBIES: Dancing, Singing, Acting and most importantly READING

Fave Wattpad author: Kirsty Mosley, Trewest, LiloHorse, and WriterBug44

Fave Paperback author: Malorie Blackman and Jacqueline Wilson

What I'm writing: Well onece the Summer hits i'll think about writing but i don't like unfinished stories so if i do write one it will be completed when uploaded.

Anyway thats all I can think of for the time being xxxxxx

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She's Bad News
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She's Broken
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The Bad Boy, The Sat Nav and Me
5,262,464 reads

The Shy Girl Has a Gun
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