When I first saw him it was like seeing an angel. That first picture brought me to tears, why you ask. Well because I knew that no matter who or what I fought through I could never have him… the love of my life… the only man who can make me happy. Then I soon found out that the man of my dreams the love of my life happens to be 8 years older than me. I felt as though knowing that would break me so for the longest time I tried and tried to keep him off my mind but somehow every little thing that ever brought a smile to my face, a tear to my eyes, a pian to my chest, reminded me of him. I wonder what he's like in person the media and watching interviews only made me love him more but how will I know what he's really like? In the world there is only one thing to live for and that is the person you love. For that reason I will remain here on earth until the day he no longer does… My Undying, Unbreakable love for Tom Kaulitz!

1. Real fans know more songs than Monsoon
2. Real fans know Bill Kaulitz's brother's name
3. Real fans will actually know that Bill and Tom are twins
4. Real fans shout 'YES!' when one of their songs come on
5. Real fans will punch anyone for dissing Bill's hair, feminine features, or Tom's dreadlocks
6. Real fans love the songs in German and in English
7. Real fans think that they are totally hot
8. Real fans don't love only Ready, Set, Go! and Scream
9. Real fans don't like TH only for their looks
10. Real fans know how to pronounce every guys name
11. Real fans can sing all the songs in German, even thought they might not know the language
12. Real fans don't like only Bill
13. Real fans don't like only Tom
14. Real fans never forget Tom, Georg or Gustav
15. Real fans have this on their profile
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