Leave before he has the time to plead.
Get over him before your heart has the time to bleed.
Move on so you can again be freed. 

To live is to have those amazing moments.
Which hopefully you have more than one of.
So with that in mind you can live as many times as you want.
And live as many times as you can.
You only die once.

I write mostly poetry
I love country music
Don't judge
I'm as nerdy as you can get
Don't believe me?
I watch Doctor Who
Don't know what that is?
That's probably for the better
LOVE Harry Potter
Slightly obsessed with it in fact
Favorite TV shows include Bones, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Robin Hood, Merlin, Lie to Me, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory... I watch an awful lot of tv...

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pie2pie posted a message to mylifeisworthit
Really glad to have come across your page and read your poetry. You are very gifted with your words and making one feel like they are the one in the poems.