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hi nice to meet you, I'm Rose and I'm really bad at updating stories 
because I keep getting new ideas and forgetting to finish old ones.
you should talk to me because you're awesome :)
have a nice day
be happy


Lessons On Kissing Guys (BoyxBoy)

Lessons On Kissing Guys (BoyxBoy)

24 parts / 48 pages, updated Feb 15, 2014R
Lucas lives the life. At least, that's what it seems. If 'the life' could be known as partying nightly, waking up in bed with random girls who he can't rem... read more
171,811 reads votes 4,578 comments 725
Teach Me To Be Gay (BoyxBoy)

Teach Me To Be Gay (BoyxBoy)

33 parts / 72 pages, updated Apr 10, 2013PG-13Completed
Justin and Kade. Two very close friends, who are both (supposedly) straight. Until one kiss equals a bunch of uncontrollable feelings and a confession from both sides.
2,565,079 reads votes 39,119 comments 5,978
One Minute, One Moment (BoyxBoy) [One-shot]

One Minute, One Moment (BoyxBoy) [One-shot]

2 pages, updated Sep 04, 2012PG-13Completed
What would you do if you had one minute to tell your best friend you loved him? Sixty seconds to pour your heart out? A fraction of time to tell the whole truth - and know that he wouldn't be able to judge you? Would you do what I did?
9,015 reads votes 181 comments 76

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This comment is so lovely, thank you so much. I wish the same for the LGBT+ community.
Teach Me To Be Gay (BoyxBoy)

Thank you so much! It'd be worth the initial 19 years I think ;)
Lessons On Kissing Guys (Bo...

Hey there. I don't know if this comment is directed at me or other people who keep commenting about who is the 'girl' of the relationship, but I...
Teach Me To Be Gay (BoyxBoy)

@bastillewriter Hey there, someone who's pansexual is attracted to all genders (or I guess, attracted to anyone regardless of their gender),...
Teach Me To Be Gay (BoyxBoy)

thank you so much!
Teach Me To Be Gay (BoyxBoy)