Hai, I'm Amy and Your Awesomesauce :3

Mushmash is how I used to say moustache!WE ARE THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NIII!

ABOUT MOI!! - I am a beautiful Brit! Yeah be jealous american biatch's!! Lol joke you 'mericans are cool, just not as cool as aliens. I am always quite hyper and I am a happy person! (I think) Yaaay! I like exclamation points!!!! I'm the one in the picture, I know right I bet you see my pic and think eeewww and then be sick! Lol I would laugh if you did. I'm a coffee addict
-My favourite type of books are Vampire, werewolf, romance and historical.
-Don't you love them crazy writers with crazy characters? I love them if I could I would lock them all in my attic, but alas I am too lazy!
-My wattpad bestfriend as of 2 seconds ago is- PAINTEDLETTERS!! (love you!! she dedicated a chapter to me!! no one has ever dedicated something to me :')!!)
-People who tlk lk ths annoy me SO much! I mean seriously I am going to knock you out with a dictionary! Hopefully it will knock some sense into you! (You see what I did there, okay I am officially the lamest person alive. I am so sorry you had to read that!)


Hey! If you managed to read up to this then I love you and you look beautiful today!

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Unexpected Actress and... Vampire Bride?

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Description: Hey my name is Echo Elvira Shadow Marteens and I am in love with a vampire King. He loves me too... I think. I hope he does because I went through a lot of shit to be here standing next to him, i mean come on! Here is a list of a few things I did fo...

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This is what will help me describe my characters to you. It will be about all my stories:- I'm His Litt...