LOVE READING and attempting writting 
ilove music and its just an every day thing for me 
i love helping people with their problems  and just talking about useless random stuff so if u have somthing u cant decide on or u need some help with something u can always private message me and i do keep and open mind about things so i wont judge 
my favorite series is the shadow children series i lts amazing and such a page turner
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Description: quotes ive either came up with or come across over the years ENJOY!!!!

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Behind that Door Lay the Bag of Doom

Behind that Door Lay the Bag of Doom

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the story takes place in the police station. Avery is telling the cops how she found one million dollars...

The Road of Life

The Road of Life

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Looking down on my life not long ago crossing the bridge to eternity through the golden gates

motorcyclegrl10116 commented on Payment - Kana

"Why hello Nik!" She purred crawling to the edge of the bed to meet her brother. They had a quick embrace but afterwards Dominik scolded her. Whispering words in a language I did not understand I was...
@LilyWins yes that's wat I thought at first too
motorcyclegrl10116 commented on Geeky Crush - STALKER MUCH???

                Mood officially ruined. Stupid janitor. Blake let out a deep chuckle then, I noticed something very disturbing and stalkerish.........how did he know my name?!
@artisamazing2 yes agreed thank you finally someone else with common sense
motorcyclegrl10116 commented on Geeky Crush

                  Its also my fault, I was late to geometry and ran, by the time I noticed my diary was gone I was already half way across the school. mental face Palm. I'm such an i...
@harnoorhundal50 haha yep
motorcyclegrl10116 commented on Geeky Crush

                 I was watching him. Not in the way you think, you little pervs! I have to watch him, after all he is the one who took my diary. Well, not necessarily, we just collide...
I thought she was watching him dreamily across the to or something so yay mind at least its not dirty thulis thime