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Hey, Thanks for checking out my page and stories, I really apprectiate feedback.

Hi I'm Katlynn, a 20 year old college student studying English and Creative writing

I can pick up a book and get so engrossed in it and finish it in one day
~The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and The Vampire Academy are my favorite books(as you can tell I like to read series/sagas) I've read them all mulitple times(My friends call me a nerd, but I don't care because it is true)

Highly Recommened Book
~ The Fault in Our Stars but John Green
This book equals AMAZING MUST READ

I've always been writing but never stuck to one story so Crush, No, Crushed is such an accomplishment for me.

I sing and play guitar(not the best musician in the world but I love it anyway)

I like most kinds of music; pop, rock, punk, alt, etc

I love All Time Low to the moon and back then to the moon again.
Mcfly is an amazing band 
And I used to be obsessed with the Jonas Brothers( Don't hate me! *winces*) 
Panic at the Disco,Fall Out Boy
Forever the Sickest Kids, The Ready Set 
And newly acquired band in my repertoire, Falling in Reverse
Many more....

If you would like me to take a gander at your story, please, please, please leave me a message privately or on my page. I find it rude when people advertise their stories on someone elses, and I will not read it if I find your link in one of my comments. I apologize, but it's just the way I roll.

Suggestions? Questions? Comments? |
Go down there and leave a message. Or on twitter/FB
Rubber Chickens hehe

P.S Thank you for fanning! Oh, you didn't? Well, don't you feel awkward now? I thanked you for something you didn't do. To make up for that you should fan me! ;) Just kidding. Feel free to fan me, ONLY if you actually like my writing and wish to read more.


It's Not Me, Its Insecurity

It's Not Me, Its Insecurity

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Crush,No, Crushed Revisions

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Blog/short stories

Blog/short stories

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Untrue Happiness

Untrue Happiness

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From Grace to May

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Crush, No, Crushed

Crush, No, Crushed

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Under My Tree (on hold indefinitely)

Under My Tree (on hold indefinitely)

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Hey, i came back to this and you really are a great writer. I wish you would write more!xx
The Color Red

Thank you so much!
Crush, No, Crushed

Thank you :) that's how I tried to portray the story
Crush, No, Crushed

Thank you so much! And I am :)
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